Xiaoxia Li


Professor Xiaoxia Li Graduated from the Department of Chemical engineering, Tsinghua University in 1985 and got an MS degree in the Laboratory of Computer Chemistry (LCC), Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1988. She has been working on Physical Property Databases and an Estimation Program for organic compounds in the Institute of Process Engineering (formerly Institute of Chemical Metallurgy), Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1988. Her recent research interests are focused on Internet chemical resource discovery tools including chemistry web directory, chemistry focused search engine and searching of chemistry deep web. She was the project director of the Chemistry Portal (http://chin.csdl.ac.cn), Chinese National Science Digital Library. She was the book author of ‘The Chemical Resources on Internet’ published in 2000 by Science Press, Beijing and reprinted in 2002 for its popularity. She is an editor board member of a Chinese journal ‘Journal of Computer and Applied Chemistry’. She has served as the Project Director of Asian Chemical Information Network (ChIN), Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) from 1999, and as a vice Chairman of Committee of Computer Chemistry, Chinese Chemical Society since 2000. She is now in the EXCO board of Chinese National Committee for CODATA since 2008.