Andreas Barth


Andreas Barth received his degree in Theoretical Chemistry from Bonn University, Germany, and went on to complete his doctorate at the Universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg, Germany, in the area of Theoretical Physics (many-body theory of molecular systems). In 1984, Dr. Barth joined FIZ Karlsruhe as a scientific programmer. In 1987 he became Project Leader for Software Development and afterwards held several senior positions in R&D. In 2001 he took on as Director Online Service, with responsibility for 3 business areas: STN International Europe, Full Text Services and IT Services. Since 2005 he is Vice President and a member of the senior management team of FIZ Karlsruhe with responsibility for IT, HR and Finances. Andreas Barth has published several papers in the areas of chemical information (Beilstein database, chemical information systems, numerical databases), information science (Digital Library; information retrieval; database management) and physics (quantum mechanics; many-body theory). He worked for several years as a scientific adviser for Georg Thieme Verlag. Since many years he is engaged in the German-Japanese cooperation on chemical information. In December 2003 he joined the Board of CSA trustees.