• Lawlor, B. The Chemical Structure Association Trust: Advancing Scientific Discovery for Fifty Years. Chem. Int. 2016, 38, 2, 12-15.  DOI: 10.1515/ci-2016-0206
  • CSA Trust history poster by Bonnie Lawlor and Phil McHale  PPT | PDF
  • CSA Trust information on Wikipedia

Chairs of the Chemical Structure Association Trust, Chemical Structure Association, and the Chemical Notation Association (UK)

2018-Jonathan GoodmanChemical Structure Association Trust
2005-2017Andreas BarthChemical Structure Association Trust
2000-2005Guenter GretheChemical Structure Association Trust
1988-2000Bill TownChemical Structure Association Trust
2001-2002Peter NicholsChemical Structure Association
1996-2001Janet AshChemical Structure Association
1993-1995Diana LeitchChemical Structure Association
1984-1993Peter NicholsChemical Structure Association
1982-1986Peter BakerCSA (Wiswesser Line Notation sub-group)
1981-1982Mike AllenChemical Notation Association (UK)
1978-1981Sandra WardChemical Notation Association (UK)
1975-1978Tony FaulknerChemical Notation Association (UK)
1969-1975Ernie HydeChemical Notation Association (UK)

Chairs of the Chemical Notation Association (UK), Chemical Structure Association and the Chemical Structure Association Trust
Chemical Notation Association (UK)1969-1975Ernie Hyde
Chemical Notation Association (UK)1975-1978Tony Faulkner
Chemical Notation Association (UK)1978-1981Sandra Ward
Chemical Notation Association (UK)1981-1982Mike Allen
CSA (Wiswesser Line Notation sub-group)1982-1986Peter Baker
Chemical Structure Association1984-1993Peter Nichols
Chemical Structure Association1993-1995Diana Leitch
Chemical Structure Association1996-2001Janet Ash
Chemical Structure Association2001-2002Peter Nichols
Chemical Structure Association Trust1988-2000Bill Town
Chemical Structure Association Trust2000-2005Guenter Grethe
Chemical Structure Association Trust2005-2017Andreas Barth
Chemical Structure Association Trust2018-Jonathan Goodman
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