Jonathan Goodman


Jonathan Goodman worked on aldol reactions during his PhD with Professor Ian Paterson FRS at the University of Cambridge. He then moved to Columbia University where he worked with Professor Clark Still on molecular modelling. He returned to the chemistry department at Cambridge, where is now Professor of Chemistry. He is also a Fellow, Academic Dean and Director of Studies in Chemistry at Clare College.

His research interests include developing new reactions using both experiments and calculations, as well as investigating adverse outcome pathways in toxicology from molecular initiating events. He has developed methods of building confidence in structure determination by NMR, including the DP4 method, He is working on approaches to ordering chemical information, including RInChI, and extension of the InChI identifier to label reactions. He did not believe in the h-index until his passed forty. In 2013, he won the RSC’s Bader Award.

He is currently the Chair of the CSA Trust.

The Goodman Group, University of Cambridge

Professor Jonathan Goodman, University of Cambridge

Professor Jonathan Goodman, Clare College Cambridge