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Phil McHale has over 45 years’ experience working with R&D cheminformatics systems, both as a user in the pharmaceutical industry and as a producer with software and content companies.

His varied career includes work as an editor at the erstwhile Chemical Society in London; managing chemical information services at Wellcome Research Laboratories; and project manager for an online information service at Pergamon Infoline. He joined MDL in California in 1988 and directed product management for MDL’s content, application and technology products. In 1994 he moved to Derwent Information and rejoined MDL in 1996, where he held senior positions in product management and marketing until Symyx acquired MDL in 2007. He then moved to CambridgeSoft Corporation (later acquired by PerkinElmer) where he was product manager for chemistry informatics products including ChemDraw. He retired from PerkinElmer in 2015 and is now consulting, and currently residing in Ireland.

Phil has M.A. and D.Phil degrees in chemistry from the University of Oxford in England. He is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry, and is active with the Chemical Information Division of ACS, where he has served on the Awards and Fundraising Committees.


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