Mike Lynch Award 2005: Johann (Johnny) Gasteiger

Johann Gasteiger

This news article was reprinted using content and images from 2005 issues of the CSA Trust Newsletter (Issue 9, page 2, and Issue 10, page 1, 4). His picture shown above is from Wikipedia.

Professor Dr Johann Gasteiger will be honoured with the 2005 CSA Trust Mike Lynch Award. The CSA Trust acknowledges Professor Gasteiger’s outstanding accomplishments in the field of computational chemistry and structure elucidation. The award will be presented at the 7th International Conference on Chemical Structures in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, in June 2005.

Professor Dr Gasteiger was born in 1941 in southern Germany and studied chemistry at the universities of Munich and Zurich.  In 1971, he achieved his PhD. After a postdoc stay at University of California, Berkeley in 1971/72, he returned to Munich where he became Professor in 1988. At the University of Erlangen–Nürnberg he founded the ‘Computer-Chemie-Centrum in 1994.  Professor Gasteiger is a member of the ACS, CSA Trust, MGMS, the German Chemical Society and of several editorial boards.

The keynote address on the Sunday evening was given by Johnny Gasteiger, who was presented with the 2005 CSA Trust Mike Lynch award by Guenter Grethe. The title of Johnny’s talk was ‘My Love Affair with Molecules – and Reactions’. Although the international language of chemistry is the two-dimensional structure diagram, Johnny com- pares molecules to human beings, and he treasures the fact that they are three-dimensional species which have skin, left and right hands and can change shape. The keynote address covered computational approaches to the generation of 3D molecular models, the calculation of molecular surface properties, the generation of multiple conformations and the identification of molecular chirality. The address concluded with a description of some of the computer methods for modelling chemical reactions. The full talk given by Johnny Gasteiger is at http://www2.chemie.uni-erlangen.de/presentations/. Following the keynote address, delegates were treated to a reception, courtesy of Elsevier MDL and a splendid rijsttafel sponsored by CAS.

Left to right: CSA Trustees Peter Willett, Johnny Gasteiger, Guenter Grethe and Peter Nichols enjoying a refreshing trip on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands
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