Chemistry on Mobile Devices: Create, Compute, Collaborate – RSC CICAG one-day meeting

Wednesday 7 September 2016, Centre for Molecular Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Mobile devices are now ubiquitous: it is estimated that there are over two billion smart phones and tablets in use globally, each with the computing power to handle most of a chemist’s needs. This meeting will explore the many ways that mobile devices could become the chemist’s essential companion, from consuming content to performing computational calculations, from electronic notebooks to devices accessing cloud-based resources, and much more. The meeting will be relevant for:
  • Chemists who currently use mobile devices and are seeking to expand and optimise their usage;
  • Chemists looking to get started with use of mobile devices for teaching and research in academia or industry;
  • Anyone interested in learning about the range of chemistry tools available for use on mobile devices.
For more information and booking details, please follow this link:

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