Gmelin Beilstein Commemorative Medal for 2022 Awarded to Gisbert Schneider, ETH Zurich

“The GDCh honors Prof. Dr. Gisbert Schneider with the Gmelin-Beilstein-Denkmünze 2022 for his pioneering work in the integration of machine learning methods into practical medicinal chemistry, making him the pioneer of today’s artificial intelligence approaches in drug design. He also coined the terms “scaffold-hopping” and “frequent hitter”, which are now an integral part of the vocabulary of medicinal chemistry.

Watch “Can computers be creative?” – Awardee interview with Gisbert Schneider on YouTube

More information about Gisbert Schneider

About this Medal: The Gmelin-Beilstein-Denkmünzeis awarded by the GDCh to domestic and foreign personalities who have made special contributions to the history of chemistry, chemical literature or chemistry information. The prize was founded by Hoechst AG in 1954 and has been financed by the GDCh since 1996. The prize is reminiscent of the gentlemen Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Beilstein, who published the first manuals on inorganic and organic chemistry in the 19th century.” Source for above reprinted information:

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