History of ACD/Structure Elucidator and SMILES

Two articles worth reading:

Mikhail Elyashberg and Antony Williams. 2021. ACD/Structure Elucidator: 20 Years in the History of Development. Molecules 26(21), 6623; https://doi.org/10.3390/molecules26216623. (Open access, Review). (This article belongs to the Special Issue A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Mikhail Elyashberg on the Occasion of His 85th Birthday). “This article provides an overview of the research and development required to pursue the lofty goals set almost two decades ago to facilitate highly automated approaches to solving complex structures from analytical spectroscopy data, using NMR as the primary data-type.”

Andrea Sella. 2021. Weininger’s Smiles. Chemistry World, October 29, 2021. https://www.chemistryworld.com/opinion/weiningers-smiles/4014639.article “Dave Weininger, the man whose code – and attitude to life – brought much happiness to chemists.”

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