Effective 2002, the Mike Lynch Award is given once every three years.  Awardees receive five hundred US dollars ($500) and an appropriate memento. The purpose of the Award is to recognise and encourage outstanding accomplishments in education, research and development activities that are related to the systems and methods used to store, process and retrieve information about chemical structures, reactions and properties. The Mike Lynch Award will be presented at a prestigious, relevant conference to be identified prior to each presentation and the awardee will be asked to give a presentation at the conference.

The CSA Trust Award will be granted to an individual for outstanding achievement in a specific scientific area supported by the Trust.  Any individual, except a member of the Trust Awards Committee, may submit one nomination or one seconding letter for the Award in any given year.

Nomination of an individual must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • A letter that evaluates the nominee’s accomplishments and the specific relevant work that is to be recognised
  • A biographical sketch, including a statement of academic qualifications, as well as contact information
  • At least two seconding letters that support the nomination and provide additional factual information with regard to the scientific achievements of the nominee

If appropriate, a list of the nominee’s publications and/or patents may also be submitted. The CSA Trust Awards Committee, consisting of five members of the Board of Trustees, will examine the applications and decide on the recipient of the Award. If no-one meets the Award criteria, no Award will be given. The Awards Committee will also provide guidance to the recipient of the award regarding the nature of the presentation that he/she will be requested to be given at the conference.

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