CSA Trust Mike Lynch Award Winners

2022: Greg Landrum – development of RDKit and his fostering of the community around it, a transformative software resource for cheminformatics and machine learning.

2018: Rudy Potenzone – 40+ year career as a provider of in-house informatics services and a creator and implementer of innovative informatics software solutions including SciFinder.

2014:  “InChI Team,” Steve Heller, Alan McNaught, Igor Pletnev, Steve Stein, Dmitrii Tchekhovskoi – conception and development of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier InChI.

2011:  Engelbert (Bert) Zass – lifetime career devoted to education in chemical information with an emphasis on database searching and the role of the intermediary.

2008:  Alexander (Sandy) Lawson – major contributions to chemical information handling and structure representation, particularly in the development of the Beilstein database and software.

2005:  Johan Gasteiger – outstanding accomplishments in the fields of computational chemistry and structure elucidation.

2002:  Peter Willett – pioneering work in maintaining and nurturing an academic centre of excellence in cheminformatics teaching and research with an emphasis on computational techniques for the processing of chemical and biological information.

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