Mike Lynch Award 2022: Greg Landrum

Friday, May 13th, 2 pm CET, 1 pm BST

Greg Landrum

The Trustees of the CSA Trust are pleased to announce that Greg Landrum has been awarded the 2022 Mike Lynch Award, in recognition of his work on the development of RDKit and his fostering of the community around it, a transformative software resource for cheminformatics and machine learning.

Jonathan Goodman, chair of the CSA Trust, comments: “I am delighted that Greg Landrum has accepted this award. His work on RDKit has made chemical informatics techniques more accessible to scientists worldwide both in industry and academia. When introducing students to cheminformatics, becoming familiar with RDKit is a key part of the learning process, and makes it possible to explore new ideas in chemical information rapidly and reliably.”

Greg Landrum said: “I am really honored to have been selected for this award; it’s especially meaningful to me because of the foundational importance of Mike Lynch and the “Sheffield school” to our field. I would particularly like to thank the Trust for recognizing the importance of the RDKit community.”

Greg Landrum will be presented with the award at the 12th International Conference on Chemical Structures, where he will give a keynote address.


Greg Landrum is a senior scientist in Sereina Riniker’s group at the ETH Zurich, Founder and Managing Director of T5 Informatics GmbH, a Senior Advisor to Knime, and the primary developer for the RDKit.




The CSA Trust is an internationally recognized, registered charity that promotes education, research, and development in fields related to chemical structures and cheminformatics.

The Mike Lynch Award recognizes and encourages outstanding accomplishments in education, research, and development activities that are related to the systems and methods used to store, process, and retrieve information about chemical structures, reactions, and properties.

Mike Lynch is the Professor Emeritus in the Information School of the University of Sheffield, England, and is an acknowledged cheminformatics pioneer. https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/is/people/emeritus-honorary-visiting/michael-lynch

The 12th International Conference on Chemical Structures takes place at Noordwijkerhout, June 12th – June 16th 2022.

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